How to use Doterra oils in the best way possible

How to use Doterra oils

Fundamentally, there are 3 main uses for Doterra oils and that is aromatic, topical or dietary, however not all oils are created equal

In the Doterra world of essential oils, it is wise to consider how the oils are used. Before jumping in using the products as you please, it is advisable you ponder the different aspects of the oils, because some oils are only aromatic, some are only topical while others are all three aromatic, topical and dietary. This is depending on the make-up, process and toxicity of the oils.

Aromatic use

Aromatic refers to the aroma, sent or smell of an organic compound in this case we are referring to essential oils. The best way to create an aroma with essential oils is to use a Diffuser. Doterra offers many different types of  Diffuser in the webshop to create the best aroma around your home.

Topical use

Topical refers to external use such as on the skin, hair and face, when using oils for aromatherapy, skin care and homemade perfumes.

Dietary use

Dietary refers to internal use as a supplemental aid such as in cooking, drinking or digestion wellness issues. For some years I have been using peppermint oil in green tea for tummy problems, lemon oil in water for a refreshing drink on a hot day and rosemary oil for scones to give it that something different.

Doterra essential oils uses

Doterra essential oils uses

Aromatic, topical and internal uses for Doterra oils

Aromatic and topical uses for Doterra oils can be seen in all the single oils so fell free to try them out and experiment with them. For example create you own blends and mixtures for your diffuser  or when rubbing oil into a painful arm or leg. Do not be afraid to try something new.

There are very few single oils that can not be taking internally, so because this information is important I will write it down – Arborvitae oil, Cedarwood oil, Cypress oil, Douglas Fir oil, Eucalyptus oil, White Fir oil, and Wintergreen oil are not to be uses internally.

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Doterra essential oils uses